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Engineering Ability

Design Innovation Add Values to Customer

Welded part is not the only selection for your design. Thanks to the expertise and experiences in Hydraulic Cylinder industries, our engineer is ready work together with you for the structures, shape discussions with the aim of cost reduced but function stays. Unnecessary materials, over-tight tolerances are main cost source, which can be cut greatly by utilizing our Hydraulic Cylinder know-how. 

Material Selection Reduce Unnecessary Cost

Right material is the key to quality and cost. Yearly 

experiences support us to know which material is 

right to the part application in most economic way. 

Manufacturing Process Is The Guarantee To Quality 

And Cost Reduction.

Our engineer is ready at your service to discuss the 

part applications and make suggestions in most 

economic and safety manufacturing process. Forging, 

Casting or CNC Machining is available for your designs.