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ADD: Yin Zhou Factory: Hengxi Town, Yinzhou, Ningbo.

YuYao Factory: Liangnong Town, Yuyao, Ningbo.

Company Profile

As a leading manufacturer specializing in components of hydraulic cylinders and machined parts, JBM, J.B Machinery 
(Ningbo)Co.,Ltd, can provide a wide range of parts for Standard and Custom Hydraulic Cylinders, like Telescopic  
Hydraulic Cylinders, Ram Hydraulic Cylinders, Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders,  
Aluminum Hydraulic Cylinders,etc. With our rich experienced engineering capability, JBM not only supply parts but  
overall components fabrication solutions. Giving us your ideas or sketch, one-stop solution can be served, from  
material selection, engineering features specification to manufacturing method.    
JBM has strong engineering capability. We can redesign your parts which originally fabricated with welded parts into 
forged or casted model with cost reduction but quality guaranteed. Consists of two factories, casting & forging factory  
and CNC Machining plant, JBM is the one of the few suppliers that can provide complete service for design, cast or  
forge and machining.  
Quality is core pursue for Hydraulic Cylinder. “ No Leakage, No Burrs, No Tolerance Beyond” is a big challenge but 
also our basic guarantee for customers. With ISO/TS certified, we are equipped with comprehensive management system  
and quality control system, which enables us to keep our promise to customers without losing words. 

JBM is committed to supplying parts for Hydraulic Cylinders and aimed to be leading expert in this field.  
Focus makes value fabulous. Choose JBM, Choose Worriless !